Ladybug may be an unfamiliar name to some, but those who have seen her perform live know that this is an artist to keep an eye open for in the future. With her energetic and deeply felt appearance on stage, it is easy to get carried away both emotionally as well as physically.


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let’s talk about love… you know when you’re so madly in love that you have trouble formulating words, standing still, talking – or even breathing? if the answer is «yes», you will recognize yourself in Stay Here for the Night.

Stay Here for the Night is the song where Ladybug exclusively and decisively lays claim to the good feelings of love. Ladybug combines a strong catchy pop hook with playful synths surrounded by a beat that sets a mark. one thing is sure; this is the song we want to have on repeat when we dance our way into spring!


“have you ever had someone who loved you – more than anything else? i had that. but I didn’t care and took it for granted. I took it for granted until I lost that love and I was no longer loved. then I realized how much I really needed it.”