Underground - Ladybug


«I would wear your skin…»

Underground is a haunting and evocative musical journey into the shadows of love’s most intense obsessions. It shows the razor-thin line between infatuation and delusion, where one person’s world deviates from reality.

In this poetic soundscape, the lead role is so deeply immersed in their affection that they’ve weaved an illusionary romance, blurring the boundaries of sanity and obsessive madness.


Ladybug, the mesmerizing mistress of dark edgy pop, is a testament to the transformative power of music and the untainable spirit of artistic expression.

Ladybug’s music is a powerful fusion of darkness and edginess, transcending the boundaries of convention. Her compositions are a daring expedition into the human psyche, unearthing the raw and unfiltered emotions often buried deep within. Her lyrics, characterized by their desperate, almost «psychotic» intensity, navigate the realms of human experience, embracing the good and bad with an unapologetic fervor.

With a vocal range that fluctuates from sultry whispers to thunderous cries, Ladybug’s live performances are nothing short of transcendental. She transforms the stage into an altar, inviting her audience to partake in an exorcism of emotions.

Ladybug’s odyssey in the world of music is anything but ordinary;
It’s a world where music is the guiding light, the stage is a sacred realm, and the line between desperation and devotion blurs in a resounding celebration of artistic courage and freedom.

Ladybug artist and topliner
Ladybug artist and topliner


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